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Forty years extending and enhancing world class brands

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Our story begins in Los Angeles in 1974. GMPC’s founder, Gary Mandel, a creative and ambitious, product-centric perfectionist wanted more for his customers than existing design and manufacturing resources permitted. Gary was determined to provide the highest quality, bespoke products and accessories, capable of complementing and enhancing his customers’ brands. He was committed to the notion that every item created by GMPC should both embody and enrich the brand that it is connected to. Gary quickly recognized that the key to achieving his vision was building a world class design team, deep product expertise and international manufacturing capabilities.

The impetus that turned Gary’s concept into a reality came in the fall of 1975.  Honda Motorcycles asked Craig Stanman, a GMPC Account Executive for a satin jacket for their team riders.  Rather than offer Honda an existing, stock jacket, GMPC opted to present a fully custom design. Honda was blown away.  Gary and Craig immediately headed east, determined to figure out how to manufacture the jacket in China.

“If I knew then what I know now,” explains Gary, “I would have never made that first trip to Asia. Virtually no one was manufacturing apparel and accessories in China at that time.” That initial trailblazing trip resulted not only in the successful completion of the Honda project, but also the establishment of roots and relationships in Asia that have flourished and expanded over the past 35 plus years.

Today, GMPC is recognized as an industry leading, full service design and production resource for top brands around the world. While much larger than we were in 1974, the company still operates with the same sense of creativity, ambition and commitment that drove Gary to make that first trip to China over 35 years ago.


GMPC provides a streamlined product creation solution, focused on custom headwear, bags, and quick ship apparel and accessories. We are the only private label company that is truly dedicated to providing concept through delivery service in a wide range of product categories including performance and lifestyle headwear and bags, knit beanies and fashion headwear, belts and wallets.

We work with a diverse portfolio of industry-leading brands enabling us to leverage overseas manufacturing and broaden our product category and market expertise. While many of our partners have the resources to manufacture their own accessories, they entrust us with those projects so that they can focus on their core business.

If your strategy is to extend your brand, grow business, and create brand-enhancing accessories, GMPC is truly a turn-key solution.


We are a customer-centric group committed to understanding every brand’s vision and product strategy. It’s essential to our partnership and our process that we get a brand’s DNA and take the time to research each brand’s market segment, consumer, and competitive landscape.

GMPC exists to extend growing and leading brands into new product categories. We collaborate with outstanding market leaders to design and manufacture innovative performance and on-trend lifestyle accessories.

And while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we want our customers to know that when they work with us, we’ve got accessories covered.


GMPC headquarters are located in 4 of the largest US and China city centers. This enables us to cover 3 time zones and live in vibrant cities filled with new trends and talented people to staff our team.

We have established partnerships and a strict selection criteria with our overseas factory network to ensure that our customers consistently receive high-quality products, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing.